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With her advanced ideas and unique business model, the twin screw air compressor of Shanghai Success Engine Compressor Co.,Ltd has dedicated many classical works to human beings. Her products are widely used in steel, electricity, textiles, electronics, petrochemical, paper printing, food and medicine, infrastructure and other fields.

Highlight the Differences of Products

SUCCESS ENGINE’s self-developed high-performance compressor airend with the characteristics of excellent design and absolute reliability, has make its core technology always in a leading position on air compressor market.
Rotor is the heart of air compressor. With more than 10 years’ experience of market testing and self-developed upgraded research, SUCCESS ENGINE has reformed the mesh and seal of the bottom line of the double screw rotors, resolve the problem of the leakage of oil-air mixture thoroughly in the course of rotor meshing, raise the volume efficiency and reduce the noise which produced when oil-air mixture passing from the high pressure cavity to the low one.
The shape of rotor’s roots is the most important factor which affects the efficiency of air-production. The best solution is to improve the shape of the male and female rotor’s roots. SUCCESS ENGINE has realized the technology’s historic leap with computer circle tangent equation software.
Improve the length and diameter ratio of the double screw rotors. Raise the integral rigidity of rotors by shorten the distance between the two bearings. Thus, it would achieve higher volume efficiency under the higher pressure and decrease vibration greatly, reduce noise, and extend the machine’s useful life.
Increase the efficient sectional area of the rotors and the distance between the driving and driven shafts, then achieve highest utilization ratio of rotor’s area. Remain enough space for the installation of the bearings with longer diameters. Solve the problem of bearing abrasion occurred after operation of many years.

Create Opportunities for Times
Equipped with special-angled vane, SUCCESS ENGINE’s latest-model air-cooled compressor is combined as a close freezing system. It enlarges the distance between the freezing vane and the radiator, which sets aside some time for the wind to balance the air pressure, so the wind can pass through the radiator evenly and make full use of radiator area.
The double-layer pleated skirt type oil-gas separation filter and the rotating intercepting collision type crude oil-air separation tank has composed of the best oil-air separation device. Ensure to achieve the best oil-air separation effect.
All of the piping seal connections are adopt “SAE” connecting parts which conform to the standard of “America Auto Industry Association”, it can more effectively reduce the problem of pipeline loose which was easy produced by vibration in air compressor’s operation process, and decrease leakage, prolong useful life, remove boring problem with oil-air leakage.
Both the oil pipeline and the air pipeline are made of stainless steel, inside and outside double protection, heat-resisting, pressure-resisting, long duration and neatness. All the control pipelines are made of F46 material which can make the system run stably and for a long time.
Add the hidden shock absorbers in drive parts, can reduce the noise produced in the running process of air compressors greatly, prolong useful life of the air compressor, make the air compressor run steadily and reduce noise by 3-5dB(A).