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SUCCESS ENGINE Screw Air Compressor 4-18.5kw Belt Drive Series

With her advanced ideas and unique business model, the twin screw air compressor of Shanghai Success Engine Compressor Co.,Ltd has dedicated many classical works to human beings. Her products are widely used in steel, electricity, textiles, electronics, petrochemical, paper printing, food and medicine, infrastructure and other fields.

  • SEC4A-SE18A
    • 4kW
    • 5.5kW
    • 7.5kW
    • 11kW
    • 15kW
    • 18.5kW
    • 7bar
    • 8bar
    • 10bar
    • 13bar
  • 0.25-3.0 m³/min
  • 4-18.5kW
  • 7-13bar
In Chinese market, Shanghai Success Engine Compressor Co., Ltd, rely on its leading technology, all over the country's sales outlets and excellent service capabilities, it has become the preferred air compressor supplier of high-end users and modern industries across the country. For example: Shanghai and Hangzhou magnetic levitation project (Asia's largest shield machine gas station), Shanghai Heavy Machinery Factory (China's aircraft carrier crankshaft factory), Xiamen Taigu aircraft landing gear maintenance company (the world's second largest aircraft landing gear maintenance base), Luxi Chemical Group (China's largest fertilizer production base), Mengzi Mining and Metallurgical Group (the country's largest lead, zinc mineral base), the Eastern Airlines aircraft maintenance base, Shenhua Group, China Coal Group, CLP Investment Group, Longkou Coal and Electricity, Baoshan iron and steel Group , Wuhan Iron and Steel Group, Kunming Iron and Steel Group, Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group, China Steel Electrical and Mechanical Services and other national key projects.

With her firm belief and unique operation mode, SUCCESS ENGINE has created many great air compressors to her users, and her products are widely used in national key projects.
In international market, Shanghai Success Engine Compressor Co., Ltd, it is accelerating the process of globalization of products. Due to access to European and American countries safety directive qualifications(CE certification, ASME certification), Success Engine products were sold quickly to Canada, Brazil, Britain, Poland, Hungary, India, Tunisia, Egypt , Malaysia, Jordan, Thailand, Vietnam, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Russia and other more than 20 countries. In five Central Asian countries, just the national first 3,000 km railway line in Kazakhstan has more than 16 gas supply station projects, and they all use SUCCESS ENGINE screw air compressor. Success Engine is committed to producing the best air compressor for the world.