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SUCCESS ENGINE’s Portable Screw Air Compressor

SUCCESS ENGINE’s portable screw air compressor are widely used in mining, water conservancy, transportation, shipbuilding, urban construction, energy, military and other fields, according to the actual requirements of the internal it can be used diesel engine or motor drive. In China, portable screw air compressor with the advantages of excellent reliability and energy efficiency, it is at an alarming rate to replace other types of portable air compressors; in Europe and the United States and other developed countries, it can be said that all the field are use portable screw air compressors.

Portable screw air compressors were divided into two driving modes: diesel drive and electric drive. Portable air compressor as a temporary mobile operating equipment, are widely used in tunnels, mines, geology, water conservancy, highways, shipbuilding, urban construction, energy, military and other tunnel or open operations industry.

Large-scale portable air compressor rig equipment: Well drilling machine, Engineering well rig, vehicular well rig, hydrological well drilling rig, chain-type well drilling rig, full hydraulic power head well drilling rig, crawler drilling rig, drilling machine, engineering well rig, Down-the-Hole drilling rig, anchor drilling rig, petroleum drilling rig, core drilling rig, rotary drilling rig, prospecting drilling rig, tunnel drilling rig, geothermal drilling rig, automobile drilling rig, reverse circulation drilling rig, geological prospecting drilling rig and so on.

High efficiency, fuel saving and powerful driving force

With the FEV shrinkage combustion technology, the low inertia small nozzle fuel injector is burned more fully and further improves the low speed torque.Full application of high-power oil-proof starter motor; strengthen the design of motor that can ensure the reliability and service life of the electrical system.Increase the air filter flow, adopt PU structure filter core, more secure protection and maintenance is more convenient.The design and application of the industrial molding theory, the reasonable arrangement of the low-pressure pipeline and the effective control of the casting quality make the structure of the engine more compact and more beautiful in appearance.

Stable transmission and convenient maintenance

Equipped with high efficiency filter core, the transmission is stable and the deviation compensation ability is very high.
The flange connector and the main shaft drive can be radially removed.

Rain proof, noise reduction, safe and reliable

The rain proof mobile trailers cover is made of high quality steel plate which is treated by corrosion protection, and has the advantages of corrosion resistance, good sealing and so on, the four side windows are adopt automatic air pressure support, and the opening is light and flexible. The steering modes of the wheel are wheel turn, single turntable steering or multi-turntable steering, and it can also set parking brake, running brake and emergency braking. The trailer has the characteristics of high speed, flexible braking, stable steering, high reliability and high safety.

Proficient quality and sincere service

With sound and light alarm device and intelligent control system. Heavy air filter device, the effective protection of the safe operation of the unit equipment. Maintenance and repair lights are provided inside the unit to ensure that the machine can be repaired at any time and improve work efficiency. The multi-outlet settings can satisfy the access of different mobile gas equipment.