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SUCCESS ENGINE Water-lubricated Oil-free Air Compressor

ZW series water-lubricated oil-free air compressors are designed for special and unique requirement fields, such as medicine, food, laboratory and so on. The host structure adopts single screw compressor, lubricating medium adopt purified water of drinkable standard,the whole compression system does not have any lubricating oil, and the high performance water filter was installed, therefore, 100% clean compressed air is provided for special production processes.

Core Technology and Ingenuity Design!

The host shell, star wheels and rotors of airend are made of stainless steel and special alloy materials, all of them are processed by special CNC machine, to ensure that the core parts will never scale and rust.

Compared to the traditional dry compression, SUCCESS ENGINEs water-lubricated and single-stage compression has unparalleled advantages. For the two characteristics of low temperature compression and low speed operation, its high volume efficiency and durable service life are the maximum return to users; using water to lubricate in the operation will greatly reduce users operating costs; absolutely oil-free is the best guarantee of air quality.

Highlight Differences and Create Mystery!

The whole system is made of stainless steel components and food-grade control parts, including: compressor main airend, water-air separation tank, control valve, circulating pipe, connecting piece, filter part, water level controller, water supply and drainage device, system soft pipe and other corrosion-resistant material parts to ensure that the system is absolutely pure.

Humanistic Design,Heart in Line With Act!

Intelligent, energy saving, stable, safe!

The full series adopt variable frequency speed control technology, the speed can adjusted at no limit, the air pressure is stable and the start is smooth, it can also achieve the power is changed with the change of gas and the effective use of energy.

Configure intelligent microcomputer control system and water softening system to ensure that the circulating water does not scale, so that the lubrication, sealing and cooling function can to be the best. Control the water and electric automatically according to the system demand, automatic detect the protection set data of each key point, achieve the multi-functions of stable operation and alarm protection.

Soft-water Recycling, Economical and Environmental Protection.

Pure Water Lubrication, the Guarantee of Oil-free!

Compared to the traditional dry compression, because there is no sealed medium, the operation must be run at high speed through the two-class compress to exhaust, high speed produce 200℃ high temperature, it will bring the lubricating oil in the gear to atmosphere and to be sucked by compressor, it is difficult to guarantee the purity of the exhaust air. The water lubrication compression, the purified water as sealing medium, the running speed and temperature is very low, and there is no lubricating oil in the system, so it can ensure that the discharge of compressed air is clean without any oil.

Simple Structure and Durable!

Significantly Reduce Operating and Maintenance Costs!

Our water lubricated oil-free screw air compressor has achieve the advantages of low-temperature compression, low-rpm operation, simple structure and convenient maintenance, thus the maintenance costs are greatly reduced. However, due to high temperature, high-speed operation and other congenital defects,the dry type air compressor’s structure design is complex and it’s maintenance is complicated, so the operating cost is much higher than the water lubricated oil-free screw air compressor. Apparently, the advantages of water lubricated screw air compressor are extremely obvious.

Soft-water Recycling, Economical and Environmental Protection.

When use SUCCESS ENGINE water-lubricated oil-free screw air compressor, users only need to connect the water pipe to the water softener, after filtered by the water softener the water can enter the circulation system directly. In places where tap-water is difficult to reach, it can also use bottled purified water or distilled water directly.(It cannot use mineral water.)
The specific heat capacity of water is much greater than oil, so that the circulating temperature of the whole system will not more than 50 ℃,the isothermal compression is more efficient, the oil content of the compressed air is zero, and the energy saving and environmental protection are realized.