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SUCCESS ENGINE” Customized Non-Standard Compressor

Since 1999, Shanghai Success Engine Compressor Co.,Ltd not only manufacture standard compressors, but also supply non-standard compressor service for some special work condition, such as dusty pollution, high temperature, high magnetic field, serious corrosion environment or voltage fluctuation place. And another type moveable air compressor station integrated with compressor, air tank, air dryer, air filter, distribute tank, operator breathing filter system, pollution collection tank and lifting structure, this system can finally settle the resource wasted problem caused by makeshift air compressor station system. There is nothing that you can think of while we can't do.

Customized Small Portable Air Compressor Station

Customized Air Compressor for Special Working Conditions

Customized Large Portable Air Compressor Station

Customized Middle Pressure Compressor with 30 bar